Facing It


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For the last few weeks, I’ve been all over Facebook.  I’m spying.  I’m creeping around.  I’m searching.  This isn’t how I normally spend my days.  But my 15 year old niece is in trouble, having a tough time, acting out … all those stock statements we use about kids that don’t say much but contain all.  I’d even say she’s in danger, though like most 15 year olds (me included, circa 1980) she doesn’t believe in such things.  She’s got it all under control.  And she’s on Facebook.


I first heard of Facebook in 2005.  My son was heading off to college and I got an e-mail to sign him up for a new, yearbook-type website.  Include a photo! it said, as this was the new way for college kids to get to know each other.  I barely hesitated, signed him right up.  I was so grateful!  He…

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