Link of the Day. Carnivore in a Echelon World



I really hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. It seems odd that we are celebrating Independence day just as details continue to flood in about how spied upon we are. How really non Independent we are. We are literally the most spied upon group of people who have ever walked on this Planet. More than Nazi Germany, more than Stalinist Russia. More than the East German Stasi. How we allowed this to happen is a topic for another day. I will say I am mystified at people’s priorities.

I ran across a few good articles about Prism/NSA/Boundless Informant in the last 36 hours or so.

Found this article to be a little more detailed than most from the mainstream type publications. It is more a research paper.

Carnivore is a surveillance technology, a software program housed in a computer unit, which is installed by properly authorized FBI agents…

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