Android Release Notes: Versions 4.10.2 – 5.2.6


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We will use this blog post to provide you with a running update of all of our Android Release Updates. As always, if you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Releases 5.2.6
We’ve made a few updates to make Send Anywhere more reliable and easier to use.

• Resume incomplete transfer is now available with the latest updates on all other platforms.
• You can now remove a recently transferred device from list.
• Added file search.
• Added sidebar scroll for faster browsing.
• Added Ongoing notification

Releases 5.1.23
This release includes an improvement on the My Devices feature performance.
• Thumbnails are available now while you browse other device folder with “My Devices"
(on each device, the latest Send Anywhere version is required.)

Releases 4.12.24 and 4.12.25

These releases fixed some pesky bug issues.

  1. Fixed issues on checking/unchecking the “Make Discoverable" option
  2. Fixed issues with thumbnails.

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