Why I don’t believe in “self care" (and how to make it obsolete)

Almost all of the constitution and politicians talking about equality, but we know that even the healthy are unequal. Doctor says it is not health to eat McDonald but I think McDonald’s is gift from God because it is the only food I can afford.
The island continued to promote its national health insurance is what a great policy, but I see a lot of people need to pay the insurance cost from birth to death, but they will directly go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, instead of going to hospital/ Why? When you want to work, he would have been in the company, the doctor did not work when he left the company, a principle of social insurance is at least to be able to meet the minimum requirements, but after the holidays is not less health insurance, you want see a doctor, must be pulled out of a sum of money, the number of doctors by the state under the control of everything on the island, will be side-tracked by the market with free competition, you’re a celebrity is a virtue, and he felt that he earned Chenbao Hai more than enough money, so many people choose cosmetic surgery, the next sentence is the least we charge cheaper than the United States.

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