Layout of Blog

Since McLuhan wrote “Understanding Media",whether you like or not,
Images win more and more space in our newspapers, magazines and blogs,
We can ask ourself, during internet surfing what is the key factor let you stay ?

This Blog approached perfect, Provided two ideas about layout.
① Compare Three columns with Full-width Template

Full-width Template

Visual comes with a wide page template that removes the sidebar, widening the content area. Activate the template by editing the page in question and setting the Page Templateto Full Width, No Sidebar.

Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels)

  1. The content width is 265 on home, archive, and search pages, and 670 on single posts
  2. The content width on the full-width page template is 960
  3. The sidebar width is 260

② Campare other share button style
Connect Social media
Add Social Media Button

Please consider  attached Blogging U. badge that is an honor, and that’s with a great design.


對「Layout of Blog」的一則回應

  1. I hope I know more to design the layout of my blog from the programming level. At the moment, I have to side with the less appealing template…

    1. Do you use Are you try to install “polldaddy" now? I need some time to try what happen.