Understanding Political System

  1. Devil is the one and integrated closely with double helic moudle like DNA.
  2. Electing:Under the two-paety system, it means every four years ruling party will ask
    “How do you feel about the past four years ? Would you like to renew our contract ?"
  3.    Why the devil show the self-harm in front of the camera ?
    “After French Revolution, Devil find head is nessary"
  4. what is the core of our political system ?
    Made some difference and deal with.
    It is not a hard work, rise your hand and you can understand.
  5.  Devil like made symbol.
    If you like, he will ask you to buy more #productivity
     It will be better that  you  feel  insecure, this city full of the brandnew apaetment has sold more than three years.
    ask  your pay more tax ,hire more cop, listen your phnoe, analyne the guys who prefer one piece or NARUTO is potential risk,   shooting anyone who look like very hunger, include you.