Connection to a short-term contract

Connection to a short-term contract,

  • What makes a connection feel “human” online?Tell us about a post that changed your life.

After I made signals in a online platform. Only heard the echo that the official terms「comment 」. let me make a connection “human" online.

For example, what makes a connection feel “Born as a human being, I’m so sorry", the answer may be advertising, billing and payroll.

Human being can be replace with any role that you have to played, such as Father, Son, Wife, Boyfriend. I cannot point out a post that change my life, the shift is slow.

  • Have you published a post that led to a friendship or new opportunity?

The modern will install a APP and except mote than a friendship and a opportunity.
Download is a belief.

  • Which of your posts have made you feel more connected to your readers?
    What makes a connection feel “human” online?

Because messages are so random without rules, random is a art that I think the bot live in the slack need over 10’000 HR to catch.

It starts from a post how I miss a sneak in my hometown. After a few days,I get a comment about the sneak in this city, a connection is created at the same time.



  • Which of your posts have made you feel more connected to your readers



It is very hard to mark a connection with a post from ET.