Your data is yours, but …..

I think 白云煙 led a lot of people in to the app’world,
And forget the mission of all bussiness.

At that time, we cannot afford go to theater once a mouth with our couples,we still believe the words from the 混天寶艦。We pay and believe the money will take us to somewhere .

Several years past, it’s name told the futute.The 云 dispear as soon as the 霧.

Data, cloud, 還有一隻藏獒,they still under your control (項少龍的翻雲覆雨),
just covered layer by layer accumulation。(沒錢的人去旁邊玩沙)

Capitalism rewrite our gene,
we are what we occpied,be a nobody or eat too many body.



your girl is still yours, no story from Umano,
even if my data always crying in your frame.
Frame always say : no response,
whether windows or cellphone,
I get a extra frame.

The cloud is mine,if lucky enough,
may be I can feeling it one a week. It is my fault,always my fault,
sometimes because I update to latest version, sometimes because not.